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Town planning & applications

We can work and liaise with the Local Planning Authority to obtain planning permission for any sized project; we achieve this due to our extensive knowledge, experience, commitment and ability to produce accurate drawings. Our extensive knowledge of local planning policies is key and our relationship with local councils invaluable.


We have positive working relationships with local authority planning departments, so much so that in 2016 we had a 94% planning approval success rate, with only 6% of our planning applications being withdrawn or refused. Of this 6% that were not originally approved, we have since resubmitted, re-designed or appealed, to increase our success rate to +97%. (Based on +135 determined planning applications in 2016).


We can offer you free and impartial planning advice, including guidance on potential development opportunities and sites.

Please call us for your free consultation on 0115 88 22 777




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